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Information about the polyclinic

The Consultative and Diagnostic Polyclinic (KDP) is one of the leading structural subdivisions of the Regional Clinical Hospital of Irkutsk. The Irkutsk Order of the Badge of Honor is a regional clinical hospital that serves as a multidisciplinary consultative and diagnostic center.

The main activity of the KDP is the provision of highly qualified medical assistance to the residents of the Irkutsk region at the level of modern achievements in medical science, for establishing and clarifying the diagnosis and resolving the issue of further treatment tactics (including inpatient treatment at the IOKB).

Dear patients!

Medical services in the consultative and diagnostic polyclinic are provided free of charge if there is a referral from a polyclinic at the patient's place of attachment and a compulsory medical insurance (OMC) policy, and also on a paid basis (at the request of the citizen).

Scheduled admission of patients is organized in the order of the queue by appointment.

Without an appointment, the service is provided in the presence of free space.

Consultative and diagnostic polyclinic organizes and carries out consultations by highly qualified doctors in the following specialties:

Diagnostic departments are equipped with modern equipment, which allows you to conduct research of the most complex level.

At the consulting and diagnostic clinic, a day hospital is open for 60 beds, in which the examination and treatment of patients with neurological, endocrine pathology, blood diseases is carried out.

Consultative and diagnostic polyclinic is located at

664049, Irkutsk, Yubileyny microdistrict 100. Directions from the railway station. №45 (transfer at the stop Primorsky Autobus No.80, 80k, 18), from the airport of the auth. №80, from the bus station avt. №524 (transplant to the Trilissera Auth No. 2, 2c), from the central market of the auth. №2, 80.

Dear patients!

The specialist doctor of the KDP can, if necessary, assign additional studies! Please, keep in mind that in this case you may need to stay in Irkutsk for a few days, or come again.

At the regional hospital, there is a boarding house for out-of-town patients (for the patient's personal funds), but the number of places in the boarding house is limited. You need to think in advance about your stay in Irkutsk. For more information, please call: 8 (3952) 40-77-01

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